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Abat jour Hotel Buffet 

You take a tray, and you serve at your convenience, which makes you happy.
Our products come from fair trade or organic!
The chosen coffee, Kalinda is a pure Arabica grown on the mountainous areas of the island of Hispaniola in Saint DOMINGUE.
The cultivation of coffee contributes to the reforestation of the island, which is undergoing alarming deforestation. It is also the main source of income
Of a large number of small coffee-growers. Organized into cooperatives with a focus on quality, they created live links with the roasters. This alliance offers our taste buds a typically terroir aroma, subtle flavors and generous in the mouth, ideal for breakfast.
We guarantee coffee-growers a higher purchase price than the market and we support them in the development of their work.
Orange juice.
Coffee from Fair Trade, HAITI and Saint DOMINGO
7 varieties of tea and infusions,
Hot and cold milk,
Fresh chopsticks, fresh bakers croissants,
Four-quarter Breton,
Nutella, honey and 7 varieties of jams,
Cereals nature and chocolate,
Yoghurt and fruits, Seasonal fruit tray.
Half-salt butter
Compotes, assortment of 4 perfumes.
The sugar comes from Fair Trade. C.A.T

Continental breakfast on request. Supplement of 4 €.

Breakfast times:
Monday to Friday: 7am - 9am
Saturday: 8am - 10am
Sunday: 9am - 11am
Price: 7,00 €

17 rue Geoffroy Drouet 44000 Nantes
Tél. +33 240 743 595
Fax. +33 240 743 492
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